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Delivering tomorrow's healthcare today



From now on, we live in a world where man has walked on the moon. And it's not a miracle, we just decided to go.

Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell. Astronaut. Apollo 13.

Accessing Equitable Healthcare for All, using emerging technologies.

That's us.

And just what is that?

Well, how about getting a drone, putting in vital medical supplies, like a pint of blood or a measles vaccine, and flying it to the patient, directly. And right now.

Its not rocket science, but it has immense challenges, yet we too, have 'decided to go.'


We are going to Papua.

Where's that?

A little patch of land the size of Poland.


In Indonesia.


Because as the 'last frontier' in a massive country of over seventeen thousand islands (that's right), it lacks a lot of access to modern infrastructure.

A perfect place to get medicines to people in need, without building a road to get to them first.

And those are some of our pals helping us, in the picture.

Join Us

Somewhere along the way we've confused Comfort for Happiness.

Dean Karnazes. Marathon Runner.   

50 marathons, 50 states, 50 days.

We need every type of people:



Dreamers (including those with no formal training)


People that know their stuff and get stuff done. Even if you don't know stuff, but want to learn, we want you.

Doesn't matter.

We are a startup, looking to save lives and do something meaningful, so we are in it for the long-haul - yep, it's a marathon, and we are happy. Yes, it's also about fun too.

But if you are more interested in the comfort and cachet of a luxury cruise ship, with the 'Visionary', 'Innovative', 'Game-Changing', 'Think-outside-the Box' cultures, and the predictable, stultifying, 'security' of a 'Big Name Company'....Bon Voyage!

If you still here. Email us. We'd love to hear from you.*

 *It goes without saying that if your CV/resume /covering letter/email contains the phrases  about you as "Visionary', 'Innovative', 'Game-Changing', 'Think-outside-the Box' or any other overused, contemporary cliché, illustrating excessive mental laziness masquerading as acquired intelligence, it will be printed out and used as paper towels in the workshop. Thanks and have a great day!

Join Us
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