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Making bespoke drone logistics
solutions happen.

Where to start?

From now on, we live in a world where man has walked on the moon. And it's not a miracle, we just decided to go.

Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell. Astronaut. Apollo 13.

Companies all have ways to improve their logistics solutions, both internally, and for their customers.

Drones have the promise of completely improving those delivery solutions.

But as a company, who can see the need and the value of integrating drones, where do you start?

What we do

Young African american executive manager businesswoman writing strategy ideas on sticky no

We are a boutique consultancy specializing in the drone logistics industry.


We secure funding by partnering with investors and drone companies, facilitating acquisitions with the help of experts. We seek investors and buyers for your company, and Aeroenvoy is also willing to invest in you.


Our goal is to help drone companies on the verge of survival, thrive. The industry isn't just about the big players; small businesses need to survive too.

While it's true that no one in the drone logistics industry has yet turned costs into profits, we believe in the immense potential for growth.


If you’re in this industry, it’s because you see that potential too. Instead of stifling innovation, we must nurture it and prepare for the future.


This means practicing and refining our operations before the industry takes off.


What we do
Where to Start?
Get in touch

Get in touch

AeroEnvoy FZE

Dtec, Building A5, Office 1009

Dubai Digital  Park

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai, UAE

+971 50 923 2682

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